The Myth Of Soma

The Legendary Myth of soma returns. Hosted by a dedicated server. This is the next generation of stable gaming. If your fed up of constant server changing then worry no more with the new myth of soma Dedicated server.
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PostSubject: !FORUM ISSUES ADMINS READ!   Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:16 am


I have been fairly restrained as to my attitude on these boards and the was things are being passed back to your audience. I am not having a direct go at the way that this has happned but at the way we are being informed.

We are getting random updates but dotted around like nobodies buisness and its just caussing more confusion.

How you can fix:

Make a LOCKED Sticky thread called "UPDATES" in there ADMINS post updates and nobody can reply so they will be easy to find. If it is the case that some of you working on the server do not have forum admin rights then Password protect it and PM the guys the password - this takes lass than 5mins to do! and I know that for a fact, I have been working with forum based websites for 8 years+

If you dont feel you have time to do this, as I'm sure you are putting all avalible time into fixing the server make Joshy a Admin FFS this takes less time!!!

Forum Admin>Users>"Input "Joshy">click into user>User "satus" Drop down menu>select Admin or atleast Global Mod>SAVE

thats it - you can do that in abou 30secs!!!

Please do somthing.....I dont think its just me thats getting tired.
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